Cthúmoo Paladin Protection(TANK)

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10 Nov, 20:53

General Intelligence
1. What is the next number in these series?
-- 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32...64

1b. What is the next number in these series?
-- 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8...13

Do you understand that loot is a tool that allows us to advance, and not something to feed your ego with?
I do.

Your Character
1. Armory Link (Make sure it works!):
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/k ... moo/simple
2. What is your primary spec?
3. Can you play a second and/or third spec at a high level?
I can, both retribution aswell as holy, i will however need a while to regear.

Theoretician Questions for Tanks
1. What spec do you use and why is it optimal for you?
Depending if there's a need for fast movement speed in short bursts like Elegon for example the movement speed burst can come in hand to run out and remove
the debuff stacks

2. How do you prioritize your stats?
Stamina > Melee Hit (7.5%) > Expertise (15%) > Parry > Dodge>Mastery > Haste >
i can however swap parry and dodge even higher if there's a survivability problem.
3. Can you explain the phrases "Effective health", "Mitigation" and "Avoidance".
Effective Health: how much raw physical damage you are capable of enduring
Mitigation:Keeping a defensive status quo.
Avoidance:Avoiding damage block parry etc.
4. Which are your sources of theoretical information?
I like fatboss and tankspot for boss tactics, aswell as different forums if there's something more specific i want to find out.
5. Show us a screenshot of your UI while in combat (raid/dungeon/dummy). Use imgur.com for uploads and give us the link only. This is NOT an optional question.
Designed by myself :)
Your WoW History
1. How long have you been playing this game? How many “breaks” have you taken? Why?
I've been playing since release mostly as alliance , but as paladin the entire team , i took about a year break between WOTLK and cata and i also took a break from cata untill MOP since march this year untill september .
2. What has been your guild history in the past 6 months? Did you do any significant progression with them? Why are you leaving?
I was in a guild called "The Frontier" which was created pretty recently in MoP , i left because it didnt work out, and i did not coop with some of the members, for further explanation just ask :).
3. List all other significant PvE progression kills in which you have participated. Make sure to mention which toon / spec you were using at the time, if you were there for the guild’s first kill, and if the kill was decently ranked.
Vanilla:Onyxia,Raggy,Nefarian,Ct'hun, Gothik Naxxramas (Holy)
BC: up to Illidan.(Holy)/(Protection)
WOTLK: I didn't play alot by then, i managed to clear Coloseum on normal.(Protection)
Cataclysm: Warlord Zon'ozz on HC (Protection) This was during a time where i only played with IRL mates on a very casual level.
4. What has been the hardest boss you've ever done? What was your role during this fight?
I would probably say cause of the circumstances C'thun ? cause of all the wipes and the late nights spent to get the bugger down.

Your Technical Specs
1. How stable is your internet connection?
10mb/s as stable as stable can be i belive.
2. How stable is your computer?
Very stable, can apply a .dxdiag if required.
3. What kind of ping and FPS do you get in a 10man raid environment?
vsync 60fps.
4. Do you know how to use Ventrilo and do you have a microphone to go with it?
Yes i do.

About You
1. Name
Lucas Hansson
2. Age, Location, & R/L Occupation:
20 Sweden Studying Cisco Network Administrator.
3. What is your greatest strength as a raider/guildie? What is your greatest weakness?
4. When and how often would you miss scheduled raid time? What is your availability outside of our 10man raid hours?
I'm able to raid all days of the week from about 16:00 gmt +1 to 01:00 gmt+1. on all days of the week except for fridays, as i usually go out with my friends by then.
5. Why do you want to join Lunar?

Lunar seem's tbe a really good guild, and i think i would fit in great in they're progress struggle, all im asking for is a shot to prove myself. If it does not work out
Im not the one to be grumpy about it the guild and the atmosphere always comes first.

Kind regaards Lucas.
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14 Nov, 20:04

Hey there.

The officers have been busy this week so I'm here to thank you for your patience. I'm sure they'll reply ASAP.

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16 Nov, 15:53

Hey Lucas,

Sorry to keep you waiting,
i hope to give you an answer this weekend.

Kind regards, Darque
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19 Nov, 01:09

Hey Lucas,

i'm sorry to tell you, but we have to decline your application.

Good luck finding a guild.

Kind regards, Darque
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