Who are we?

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The Lunar Family
Lunar is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Kazzak EU. We focus on 10man progress and build our roster around that. We raid 4 times a week, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 21:00 to 00:00 (server time). Since progress is one of our main goals we occasionally try to push beyond 00:00, but we will never force anyone to stay longer than expected.

The playerbase in Lunar originates from a wide variety of countries like; Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and the UK. Most members are 18+ and we always make sure to have a good time while enduring wipe-nights so some dirty humor is to be expected.

Our Raiding History
Lunar was born in the early summer of 2010, we cleared out ICC and RS during the fall and managed to rack up 11/12 heroic kills in Icecrown before the Cataclysm hit. With the release of the expansion we decided to step our game up and give the top guilds on Trollbane some competition.

We started out a bit rough since we all had to adapt to a more serious playstyle but eventually started raiding steadily and quickly made our way to the Top 10 list. If you are interested in our current progress, take a look at our progress-page. We eventually finished as nr 8 overall and nr 4 horde guild.

Mists of Pandaria
We went into hibernation around December 2011, just after our first DS HC kill, and decided we would move the guild from Trollbane to Kazzak due to a lack of people on Trollbane. So today we are on Kazzak, enjoying the 3 hour login-queues and complete absence of alliance.
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