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15 Dec, 19:01

General Intelligence
1. What is the next number in these series?
-- 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32...64

1b. What is the next number in these series?
-- 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8...13

Your Character
1. Armory Link (Make sure it works!): ... sun/simple
2. What is your primary spec?
arcane pve
3. Can you play a second and/or third spec at a high level? If so, what is your gear level for these specs?
y like fire specialy in 4.3 , same as my arcane gear lvl but some changes in sockets and reforge
4. Do you have any alts that you are willing and able to play at a very high level for progression? If so, link them here and state what specs they are in.

Theoretical Questions for DPS Only
1. What spec do you use and why is it optimal for you?
arcane, lots of dmg, good mobility, but i hate when ppl say the rotation is easy like hell:P
2. How do you prioritize your stats?
intellect-hit rate cap (17%)-mastery-haste/crit
3. What are your sources of theoretical information? Do you know your way around a spreadsheet? ,, and beyond them all is google:P
4. Tell us shortly how your AoE rotation differs from your boss-rotation. i use arcane explosion after 3-4 stack arcane blast for close range or flamestrike and blizzard for further range aoe

5. Please include a screen shot of your UI, preferably taken while you are in a raid, with key-bindings highly visible. If you have them hidden (clique for one) then please type them down here.

Your WoW History
1. How long have you been playing this game? How many “breaks” have you taken? Why?
i started from 2.4.3 but in some private realms (blizz like):P about 7 years ago but i started official from 4.2 and no breaks:P
2. What has been your guild history in the past 6 months? Did you do any significant progression with them? Why are you leaving?
i was in some lvlin guild and as iraid is transfered to another realm so /y lf good raiding guild:P
3. List all other significant PvE progression kills in which you have participated. Make sure to mention which toon / spec you were using at the time, if you were there for the guild’s first kill, and if the kill was decently ranked.
best one was 6/7 fireland and raid finder full run for 3 weeks :P ds raid i mean
4. What has been the hardest boss you've ever done? What was your role during this fight?
i like to say deathwing but in raid finder i found it easy, so the hardest one was yogg-saron when ur raid ppl donnu tactics:D

Your Technical Specs
1. How stable is your internet connection?
2. How stable is your computer?
very good
3. What kind of ping and FPS do you get in a 10man raid environment?
210-300 ms , 40-60 fps
4. Do you know how to use Ventrilo and do you have a microphone to go with it?
i used teamspeak 3 and raidcall and i have mic but in our country the voice ports are closed from isp side so sometimes we have prob with connecting to communications programs

About You
1. Name
2. Age, Location, & R/L Occupation:
28,iran , city of sari
3. What is your greatest strength as a raider/guildie? What is your greatest weakness?
greatest strength is that i like to help guildy mates and in raid i can get tactic fast enough :D, all ppl have weakness but i donnu my greatest one:P
4. When and how often would you miss scheduled raid time? What is your availability outside of our 10man raid hours?
i can be online till account payment is still on or net is connected , a miracle can prevent me from getting online too:P
5. Why do you want to join Lunar? i found lunar a good guild and beyond that i can enjoy playing with ppl there and have a pleasure to learn from them:P
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16 Dec, 00:16

Hello, thank you for your application. We'll look it over and come back with soonish with questions or an answer :)
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23 Dec, 14:53

Hey Frozensun,

i'm sorry i have to inform you that we'll have to decline your application.
Good luck finding another guild.

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