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03 Aug, 03:45

General Intelligence
1. What is the next number in these series? 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32
-- 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32...64

1b. What is the next number in these series? 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8
-- 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8...11

Your Character
1. Armory Link (Make sure it works!): ... nox/simple (Will soon get tier 12 chest)

2. What is your primary spec?

3. Can you play a second and/or third spec at a high level? If so, what is your gear level for these specs?
No i can't.

4. Do you have any alts that you are willing and able to play at a very high level for progression? If so, link them here and state what specs they are in.
Not really, got alts with 355 ilvl each (Restro druid / Protection warrior / Arcane mage) but preffer to not play on them.

Theoretical Questions for DPSOnly
1. What spec do you use and why is it optimal for you?
Retribution got no gear for anything else, only 2 pieces of holy gear.

2. How do you prioritize your stats?

3. Which are your sources of theoretical information?

4. Please include a screen shot of your UI, preferably taken while you are in a raid, with key-bindings highly visible. If you have them hidden (clique for one) then please type them down here.

Your WoW History
1. How long have you been playing this game? How many “breaks” have you taken? Why?
I've been playing wow since WotLk taken no "breaks" :)

2. What has been your guild history in the past 6 months? Did you do any significant progression with them? Why are you leaving?
Yes, Was in dazzlign eternity everyone left since the guild leader was really bad, we created a new guild called night watch but it aint going anywhere and i think they are way to childish.

3. List all other significant PvE progression kills in which you have participated. Make sure to mention which toon / spec you were using at the time, if you were there for the guild’s first kill, and if the kill was decently ranked.
Retribution 12/12 0/12 hc 1/7 0/7 hc

4. What has been the hardest boss you've ever done? What was your role during this fight?
Shannox, Role:Retribution.

Your Technical Specs
1. How stable is your internet connection?
Very good.

2. How stable is your computer?
Very good.

3. What kind of ping and FPS do you get in a 10man raid environment?
I've got around 70 FPS in 10 man raids, and 45ms (home) 60 ms (world)

4. Do you know how to use Ventrilo and do you have a microphone to go with it?
I've got vent and a working microphone, this is the only problem i can't hear anyone but they can hear me.. but it's probably something with the options to do.

About You
1. Name
Andreas Andersson

2. Age, Location, & R/L Occupation:
15 years old live in sweden born in sweden.

3. What is your greatest strength as a raider/guildie? What is your greatest weakness?
My greatest strength is avoiding things, i usually look up tactics over 10 times since it gets much funnier and exciting to be killing an boss if you know tactics. :) my greatest weakness is that i usually gets stressed before a raid if i havent done my dailies etc, that's why i always do them at 4 am ^^

4. When and how often would you miss scheduled raid time? What is your availability outside of our 10man raid hours?
Well, i can probably be at every raid and my availability outside the 10man raiding hours will be fine, i can probably be on the most of the none-planed raids. :)

5. Why do you want to join Lunar?
I want to down firelands bosses, i've done 12/12 normal and 1/7 FL, downed shannox in firelands, know tactics to everyone exept majardomo staghelm and ragnaros. i've only read about them in the dungeon journal and a little on youtube/google. I know tactics to a few heroic bosses in BoT/BwD/Tot4W but not all of them.(Will read if necessary) my greatest interest is PvE, i don't preffer to do PvP that's one big reason i want to join Lunar. I also want to get better gear and maybe new friends. :) I've got one friend in the guild. (Warco)
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Hey there. Nice art on your UI picture.

4. Do you know how to use Ventrilo and do you have a microphone to go with it?
I've got vent and a working microphone, this is the only problem i can't hear anyone but they can hear me.. but it's probably something with the options to do.

When you have Ventrilo open go to setup and make sure that both your input device and output device are set to your microphone.

We're currently raiding endgame normal content for Firelands (Ragnaros progression) although our overall progression has come to a halt due to holidays we are planning to be doing heroic modes within 2 weeks after our summer slack is over, which is where your raiding experience sort of lets your character down since you have zero heroic experience.

This also means that we have to keep a tight roster, and we cannot overfill the guild with dps that will probably be unable to raid most of the time, as we will usually only take the setup which benefits most to progression.

Just to let you know that you might be declined due to lack of experience & our full roster.

Do you use Grid (or any other raid frames whilst raiding), Omen (threat meters) and/or cooldown trackers? Your UI is basically the default look so I cannot see anything except Recount, which is oversized in my opinion.

I know nothing about ret paladins so I won't ask any class questions.

Thanks for your application.


Your chest is unenchanted
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Hello! My ventrilo works now, i've read about all heroic bosses and watched videos and i will be able to join all raids if there's not something i'm going to do, like im going on an vacation for two days, ít's not often im going on an vacation just so you know. :) i've decreased the size of my recount, gotten omen but i really don't need anything else, i usually don't get aggro since i'm spamming Hand of Salvation on my self every time it's not on cooldown :) so atm i know tactics to all cataclysm raids exept FL HC. And btw, my chest.. i'm getting the tier 12 one today so i don't want to waste 800gold on a chest i soon will delete :)
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Save Salvation, you should get Omen since you won't always be the person top on threat, someone who is struggling to lower their threat, for example; a certain fury warrior, you would cast Salv on that person rather than just using it on yourself every cooldown. :)
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Gorhak wrote:RECOUNT CAN NEVER BE TO BIG!!!!!!

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Haha, alright will do :)
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Gorhak wrote:RECOUNT CAN NEVER BE TO BIG!!!!!!

True dat
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Hi Cranox, thank you for your application, sadly Lunar is just about to get back from our summer-break and we're already bursting in the seams with people, so we won't be able to offer you a trial spot at this time.
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Alright, thanks alot for your time. Tell me if you ever will have an trial spot free for me :) I'll gladly take it.
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